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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

10:25:57 Uhr

03:02:25 Std.

02:32:02 Std.

143 / 178 bpm

43.66 km

17.2 / 61.2 km/h

3:29/km / 0:58/km

568 m

1148 kCal


Scale kaufen

27.2 ° C


43.656km with 575m climb in 2:42:12
Mbo score from Inglewood so local terrain but I have not ridden much of the off road stuff.

Out on a clockwise loop 9, 16 north nibley 17 23 and big up to golf course 24 bit sketchy for 22 and down out of it really nice bit of wood nut far more tracks than on map did not get into dursley on expected track got dead ended once trying to cut through to main road. 21 started looking for 20 too soon then a push up to main road.19 ran down too steep and slippery for me. 18 back through north nibley looking too soon for 20. 14 13 10 big climb for 7. Had to take the desission to skip 12 11 and 8 needed to be 15 mins quicker. 3 4 down and up for 5 1 and 2 coming in just over a minute late.

Enough to win but 15 mins quicker would of allowed almost clearing the course.
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