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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

20:31:37 Uhr

00:27:50 Std.

00:21:26 Std.

170 / 184 bpm

5.98 km

16.7 / 99.9 km/h

3:35/km / 0:36/km

162 m

455 kCal


18.5 ° C


5.986km with 171m climb in 27:37. Blais blazer. Set out fast as I used to, easy up the first hill where loads past me including Richard. Started passing them ahain as soon as it flattened and went down back past Richard. Same again up next hill. Pushed on hard through the field to try and get a big enough gap to hold off Richard which I managed.

Pleased how quick Imanaged. May feel it tomorrow.
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