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ifor Mann Pro-Mitglied » Trainingstagebuch

10:37:53 Uhr

03:05:32 Std.

02:35:24 Std.

00:06:08 Std.

148 / 180 bpm

54.19 km

20.9 / 54 km/h

2:52/km / 1:06/km

572 m

3 / 124 U/min

1423 kCal


Scale kaufen

21.3 ° C


54.190km with 617m climb in 3:02:14. Midland mbo 3 hour score event. North of chipping camden. Probably took wrong route headed west 20 then long way round for 24 as track overgrowth after trying for 20 secs. 23 thought about 19 but overgrown so 22 ,21 then up hill track a nightmare of deep clay turned back after 30 seconds all the way around the road for 20 where I had trouble finding right gate got caught ny the guy how had carried straight on pushing the mud. He left me down to 19 but got back searching for flag. 16, 17, 11 still in sigh of guy but dropped down to 12 saw him coming out I carried on to 10, 9 short on time so just 3 on the way home and head down.

4 th with. 347 very well beaten by m50 Ian Cartwright with 447 which even going the other way and missing the bad bit I stared with would of been too quick for me.
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