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20:13:56 Uhr

01:09:12 Std.

01:08:32 Std.

134 / 163 bpm

11.36 km

9.8 / 17.2 km/h

6:07/km / 3:29/km

188 m



11.358km with 188m climb in 1:09:12. Bok training the windmill. Along the coast path steadily in the drizzle then up the zig zag path. Down past the police hq and back through the field above the wood. Contouring across on roads to the road back the pub. Joe headed back and as I was feeling good headed on for a bit more. Charles pushed the pace along by the Marrina but I just had the stamina to out last him. Surprising how much better I felt than the week before. A couple of 70 min runs though is tor me.
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