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castro Mann » Trainingstagebuch

15:43:10 Uhr

00:44:43 Std.

00:44:22 Std.

150 / 164 bpm

6.43 km

8.6 / 17.9 km/h

6:58/km / 3:21/km

ziemlich einfach (4 / 10)

609 kCal



Saucony Hurricane 11 kaufen

Stark bewölkt bei -4.0 ° C


ziemlich einfach (4/10)

That was not the worst run ever but it definitely came very close. Let's not talk about my legs which didn't want to 'behave' at all. It was probably just the long run from the weekend or the nine hours in the plane (note to self: should I wear compression socks next time I'm flying?) which let them believe they don't have to work today.
No, it was the trail itself which made this run memorable. The snow/ice mixture from a few weeks ago was replaced with just ice. It was more a sliding than a running. Every once in a while I had to hold on to trees to keep me from slipping in the wrong direction. My heart rate was spiking even without exercising. I still don't know how I made it home without hurting myself.
What are my options here? Since the weather forecast doesn't look promising I either become a member in one of the gyms here or I get spikes. .



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