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10:01:14 Uhr

03:21:59 Std.

03:21:58 Std.

03:04:00 Std.

02:17:29 Std.

139 / 162 bpm

88.28 km

26.2 / 64.8 km/h

2:17/km / 0:55/km

1147 m

82 / 128 U/min

192 / 5892 W

264 W [1.38]



Scot RC1


88.283km with 1147m climb in 3:21:59. Severn Sunday ride. Had not planned to do this was meant to help with cyclocross and maybe ride but got rung at 7.30 to be told it was canceled due to waterloging. So drove down to longashton for 9. Only 4 out with john not planning on trying to keep up so just 3 from chew after being very easy to there. Ok over the hill and down to wells. Nice for the next bit as the wind went behind heading east. Then the turn and the rain came. Somewhere we mist a turn and end up to far south ending up going down west harptree which we had gone up. Getting tired by now and did not keep up after chew.
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