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13:40:31 Uhr

01:04:04 Std.

01:00:18 Std.

156 / 175 bpm

9.38 km

8.8 / 19.3 km/h

6:49/km / 3:06/km

259 m

509 kCal



9.377km with 259m climb in 1:04:04. Csc final Mosley green. blue course ended up 11th 5th Bok. Not going too well felt hard to no 1 from the start. Did not see long road route to 3 which looks to of been 2 minutes quicker. Too low to 4 loosing a min. Wrong spur at 7 30 secs. Took 3 attempts to find 10 all from within 50 m. 2-3 mins. Slow up hill at end.

Bok won fairly comfortably and I was one of the scorers.
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