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11:01:36 Uhr

01:22:07 Std.

01:22:07 Std.

00:13:04 Std.

162 / 172 bpm

20.85 km

15.2 / 39.5 km/h

3:56/km / 1:31/km

405 m

78 / 133 U/min




20.845km with 405m climb in 1:22:07. World masters mtbo middle. Not so clever with the nav. Not sure of route to 2. Direct for 3. 5 cut across then missed a turn 30 secs. Extra path into flag but ok. Slow running down strap hill to 6. Slight hesitations by road going to 7. 8 was areal mess. Across road ok then to right ford but decided not right and went back and through the wrong one thus long way around up hill finally missed the turn at the end and had to turn and double back. 9,10,11 ok out through green latter 11 should of gone right around. 13 up on bank to left 14 overshot underpass. Well back off Lillian but only 3 mins off cone and windy which was all number 8.
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