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14:26:55 Uhr

01:37:18 Std.

01:37:16 Std.

01:21:56 Std.

156 / 174 bpm

34.13 km

21.1 / 52.7 km/h

2:50/km / 1:08/km

623 m

91 / 140 U/min

1405 kCal




34.133km with 623m climb in 1:37:18. Grizdale mtbo. 92.48 6th AndyC 81.49 Al 94. so a good thumping just not quick enough and a bit hesitant on the corners did not help. Northern rout to 2. Southern for 3. Down the single track past the center and then the track I expected to be a hard climb turned out to be a 6 minute push as I would of had trouble riding down it. No way I am going that way again. Kept to big track to finish as did not want to chance more dodgy tracks.
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